The Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation (CAEF) invites you to experience the powerful messages our speakers have shared in our previous events, as well as selected videos that inform and educate:

Drs. Asaf Romirowsky and Dr. Renan Levine - November 19, 2019

Professor Xu Xin - September 8, 2019
"History of Jews in Canada"

Dr. Mordechai Kedar - May 22, 2019
"The Palestinian Hoax and Other Lies"

Dr. Jacques Gauthier - May 3, 2018.
"Forget Politics - Who Has Legal Rights To Jerusalem"

Melanie Phillips - February 20, 2018.
"The World Turned Upside Down: The Role of the Media"

Salim Mansur, Ezra Levant, and Dr. Jordan Peterson - May 18, 2017.
"The Significance of The Balfour Declaration"

Dr. Jordan Peterson, Dr. Norman Doidge, and Faith Goldy - January 22, 2017.
"Freedom of Speech or Political Correctness"

The Unparalleled Golda Meir Discusses The Truth About The Middle East, 1970.
"Golda Meir Discusses The Palestinian Identity"

Trump, Brexit, Migration: Is The World On Fire? A Conversation! - September 20, 2016
Conversation with Panel and Moderator, and Q&A

Gregg Roman - April 16, 2016
Forecast For Freedom in The Middle East - Main Lecture, Expert Panel, and Q&A

Mark Dobowitz - August 24, 2015
The Iran Deal: Pathway To A Nuke

Leo Adler, Diane Weber Bederman, Salim Mansur, Raheel Raza, John Thompson, Christine Williams - April 30, 2015
A Conversation: Balancing Liberty and Security in a Civil Society

David P. Goldman, aka Spengler - December 1, 2015
How Civilizations Die: Implications for Europe and the Middle East

Dr. Mordechai Kedar - January 22, 2015
Israel In A Turbulent Middle East - Making sense of the election amidst the chaos and threats... What's At Stake?

Philippe Karsenty - April 23, 2014
Death, Lies and Videotape - Main presentation and Q&A

Dr. Jonathan Spyer - January 31, 2014
When The Dust Settles In Damascus: New Realities Of The Middle East - Main lecture and Q&A

Rabbi Jarrod Grover & Dr. Salim Mansur - October 24, 2013
A Conversation: Quebec's Charter of Values - Intro & Panelists, and Q&A

Edwin Black - June 19, 2013
Inside Iran's Atomic Warhead: Tehran's Plan To Nuke Israel, Step-By-Step - Main lecture and Q&A

Dr. Emanuele Ottolenghi - April 25, 2013
A Sea of Troubles: The Current Disarray in the Middle East - Main lecture and Q&A

Dr. Mordechai Kedar -  January 27th, 2013
Post-Election Israel: In a Dangerous & Turbulent Middle East - Main lecture and Q&A

Dr. Stanley Urman - November 22, 2012<Middle East Refugees: Facts and Fiction

Prof. Barry Rubin - November 10, 2011Middle East Crises of 2011: Disasters of 2012, An Optimistic Assessment

Bill Whittle - September 10, 2012
The Assault on Civilization: The Threats Both Within And Beyond The City Walls

Brett Stephens - May 16, 2012:
The Assault on Western Values: The Media, Anti-Semitism and Other Gnawing Threats

Dr. Tawfik Hamid - February 9, 2010
Jihad Myths And Realities